Saturday Holdings® Inc. (SHI) was incorporated in January of 2005 with the expressed purpose of marketing non-insurance related benefits to consumers and small businesses through a variety of direct response marketing channels.



In May of 2005, SHI became the exclusive direct and affinity marketing arm for Legal Club of America Corporation (LCA). SHI sells LCA's legal products through a variety of new direct response channels abandoned by many of LCA's competitors due to their insurance product status. This presented a very significant opportunity for LCA to expand into these markets, utilizing SHI to do so on their behalf.


SHI also has a large product portfolio of Professional, Technical, and Health Related products and services. SHI customizes packages on behalf of its clients who in turn will market and/or provide these benefits to its members.


SHI clients include; large financial institutions, card issuers, merchant processors and acquirers, associations, labor unions, state and local governments and corporations.


Company Heritage


Tax Hotline® Co. has been providing telephonic tax advice and return preparation services for thousands of families and small business owners for over 13 years. Tax Hotline has an in-house staff of tax professionals that dispense advice and assist in the preparation of over 9,000 tax returns each year. Their tax professionals receive continuing education to keep up with the current tax law changes and maintain the highest level of expertise. Currently Tax Hotline has over 1 million members.


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