Identity Monitoring


Identity Monitoring searches and monitors for past history as well as real time identity frauds or threats. This service includes:


  • Secure, hassle-free identity monitoring
  • Actionable identity alerts
  • Monthly email updates (optional)


Our Identity Monitoring does much more than monitor credit, offering a solution as robust as the ones used by the nationís leading financial institutions to prevent theft. Identity Monitoring uses innovative technology to detect misuse or even an elevated likelihood for misuse of an individualís Social Security number, name, address, phone, and date of birth. By creating a SNAPD identity blueprint, this program monitors billions of data on a daily basis from sources such as:


  • New Credit Cards
  • Wireless Carrier Applications
  • Retail Credit Card Accounts
  • Auto/Mortgage/Payday Loans
  • Checking Accounts and Check Reorders
  • Utility Accounts
  • DMV Records
  • Government Databases
  • Court Records
  • Criminal Records
  • Social Security Records


As identity fraud usually precedes identity theft, this type of proactive system is critical to mitigating the extensive and expensive damage perpetrated after an identity is stolen and manipulated.


Note: Identity Monitoring is limited only to the member.

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