Mortgage Mitigation


There are tens of thousands of families nationwide that are in need of mitigation assistance. The single largest investment for most families is their home, and we want to make sure those families get to keep them.


Loss mitigation is the act of lessening the mortgage holder's risk of foreclosure. A loss mitigation specialist can propose several plans or strategies to the bank or lender to put the loan back in good standing. Many banks and lenders want to avoid the foreclosure process since, on average, both homeowner and lender stand to lose tens of thousands of dollars. It's much more equitable if a "meeting of the minds" can occur to agree on a repayment strategy in which both homeowner and lender can benefit.


Through a nationwide network of professionals, we provide the tools and expertise needed to assist thousands of families through the process of mortgage mitigation.


It doesn’t matter if you are 30, 60 or even 120 days late. In fact you could be in foreclosure right now, and it still doesn’t matter; you can still be helped.



Here's How Our Program Works:

When a member makes use of our program they’ll be assisted by a team of Loss Mitigation Specialists. Members will be taken through the following process:


Mortgage Mitigation Process:


Consultation With a Professional in the Real Estate Industry:

Each member will receive a free consultation with a real estate professional. Through a thorough investigation and fact finding session, the consultant will be able to determine the best course of action for the homeowner. The information will be passed along to the rest of the Mortgage Mitigation team to assist in the process of achieving the homeowner’s goals.


File Examiner:

Upon completion of the initial consultation a file examiner is assigned to your case. The file examiner will review all your real estate documents and contracts and look for flaws, inaccuracies and/or outright mistakes made by the lender. Any issues or mistakes found by the examiner will be communicated to your Modification Processor.


Forbearance & Modification Processor

A Forbearance and Modification Processor will use the information gathered during your consultation, and leverage the information acquired by the file examiner, to renegotiate and/or modify the terms of your existing bank loan to fit your needs. More often than not the Processor is able to negotiate with the lender and have them make the contractual changes needed to keep your home under the financial terms and conditions you can live with.


Lawyer to Defend Your Dream

You will have access to a nationwide network of real estate attorneys that will provide you with free and discounted legal care. These prequalified attorneys will consult with you, review legal documents, and when appropriate, make calls and write letters on your behalf, to resolve issues. If necessary these attorneys will appear in court to argue on your behalf, at greatly reduced hourly rates.


The faster you contact us the more options you will have!


Helping Others:

A portion of the program fee you pay are donated directly back into your community, funding a variety of local non-profit organizations, thus helping other families in need.


Program Cost:

The entire mortgage mitigation process will cost $1,750.00. This is approximately 50% less than the national average charged for the same services. The process will likely save you tens of thousands of dollars and more importantly, your most treasured asset will be saved for you and your family.



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