CriticalEvents™ Counseling


Critical events, such as robberies and workplace deaths cost U.S. employers over $1.2 billion per year in reduced productivity and increased absenteeism. In the event that a member's workplace experiences an incident such as this, affected employees can call and speak with a Critical Events Counselor at any time, day or night. All Counselors are licensed and trained to assist employees and help restore productivity as soon as possible.


Members have toll-free access to behavioral health experts around the clock, 365 days a year. All calls are answered directly by a licensed, degreed clinical staff member and all services are handled with complete confidentiality.


The Process from Start to Finish:

Counselors will assist every step of the way from assessment through recommendation and follow-up. For non-English speaking members, assistance will be provided by bilingual staff and affiliates as well as through an online translation service with capabilities in over 140 languages.


The CriticalEvents™ Counselor will:

  • Explain the role of a CriticalEvents™ Counselor
  • Ensure confidentiality
  • Conduct an initial assessment
  • Determine your needs and related resources
  • Schedule an appointment for in-person assessment with a local provider
  • Involve, where needed, a dependent care coordinator or legal or financial professional to assist in securing resources and arranging all referrals
  • Directly refer you to a community agency or local hospital if an emergent situation is evident.


Counselor Assesses Progress and Takes Next Steps:

  • Recommendations may include referrals to local mental health providers, detoxification facilities, hospitals, physicians or short-term counseling.
  • For work/life issues, the counselor oversees the resource search and ensures that the consultation and resources provided have addressed the issues presented.
  • The counselor coordinates with the member's benefit plan to ensure a seamless service progress.


Satisfaction and Closure

Counselors will follow-up with you in a timely fashion to ensure quality and satisfaction of services. Counselors close the case only after determining, with the member and the provider, that the issue has been successfully resolved and all recommended treatment has been completed.


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